Together frequently publishes briefings on specific child rights issues in order to inform our members and support them in taking a child rights-based approach.  

Children's rights and parenting

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) defines the context in which parenting takes place. It promotes parenting that is respectful of the child's best interests and considerate of the needs of parents.

It states that a child is entitled to care, security and an upbringing that is respectful of their rights and individuality. The UNCRC outlines the role of anyone responsible for caring for a child in guaranteeing and promoting the rights of the child and ensuring that their best interests are always taken into account.

It also outlines how parents should fulfil their responsibilities and is clear that the state should provide parents with the necessary level of support they need to fulfil their role.  Together produced a briefing on 'Parenting and the UNCRC' in order to