In advance of Universal Children’s Day on 20th November 2022, Together has worked in partnership with the British Institute for Human Rights to produce resources to support the use of Child Rights Impact Assessments.

A Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) is a tool that helps people understand how a proposed law, policy or decision might affect children’s human rights. We developed these after feedback from our membership highlighted that information on CRIAs and how to approach them would be valuable.

These resources have been created based on input from members gathered as part of our State of Children’s Rights Report, open hyperlink here to view State of Children’s Rights Report, which included surveys and interviews. Our research indicated that there was no ‘one size fits all’ approach for CRIAs that works for every organisation, and as such, organisations should adopt a CRIA model that enables effective scrutiny, whilst also working for the needs of your organisation and the children involved.


The resources produced include a video which introduces CRIAs, what they are and why they are useful


Two hands shaking in the middle.

There is also a guide , which contains a series of top tips, useful steps to take and signposting to further resources, open hyperlink here is view guide.

Mapping Tool 

Two large circles - one on the left has children playing and one on the right has a piece of paper with a hand coming out and people on top.


Finally, to support the development and use of CRIAs, there is also a rights mapping tool, which draws together protections under the UNCRC and those in the Human Rights Act, open hyperlink to view our mapping tool.

These resources were created as part of BIHR’s work with communities to co-design a human rights support solution. To find out more about BIHR and their work with communities, open the hyperlink here to access the British Institute for Human Rights’ website