Accompanying Together's 2022 State of Children's Rights report is a child-friendly and Easy Read version. 

About the child-friendly version

Together’s top detectives have investigated how well children’s human rights are being protected in Scotland. We have put together case files on what’s going well and what more needs to be done!

We hope these case files will help children to learn more about children’s rights and know when adults aren’t doing enough. We hope the examples can be shared with adults, to help them do better!

We have split our case files into different themes, but you can also read the full version of our report here. 

Introduction                                  Case file 1: Children's Participation


Case file 2: Include everyone     Case file 3: Children whose rights are at risk


Case file 4: Getting help about your rights

Case file 5: Knowing about rights     Case file 6: Child rights budgeting 


Case file 6: Child rights impact assessments 

If you’d like this report read aloud to you, please open it in Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Bing. At the top of the page there is a toolbar, towards the middle of the toolbar is a “Read aloud” as an option. Click/tap on this button to start.

image of the toolbar which from left to right has the buttons 'page view' 'read aloud' 'add text and 'draw'

If you are unable to access this functionality, we have created an Easy Read version of our State of Children’s Rights 2022 report.

Access the Easy Read version here!

You can also watch our short video which explains what children's human rights are and why we have created this report. Watch this video here!