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  • Missed the launch of the Child Online Safety Toolkit? Catch up here!

    Date: 9th June 2022
    Category: Protection of privacy

    Watch the virtual launch of this global online safety toolkit which can assist policymakers and practitioners to build a digital world that supports children and young people.

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  • Guidelines for online discussions with children

    Date: 13th May 2021
    Category: Protection of privacy
    Author: Child Rights Connect

    These guidelines offer practical insights into the application of General Comment No. 25, especially in the context of online discussions with children.

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  • Video and storybook to support children learning about protecting their privacy online

    Date: 9th December 2020
    Category: Social security and childcare, Equal protection from violence, Protection of privacy, Education, including vocational education
    Author: Council of Europe

    Kiko, the character within the storybook and video, discovers screens and the misuse of pictures online. The video and storybook aim to help parents and carers to protect children aged four to seven and to avoid their exposure to phones with video, photo cameras or webcams.

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  • Advice line: Special hour of free legal advice for Under 21s only

    Date: 21st February 2019
    Category: Access to appropriate information, Civil Rights and Freedoms, Protection of privacy, Additional support for learning, Protection from abuse or neglect, Family Environment and Alternative Care, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
    Author: The Scottish Child Law Centre

    The Scottish Child Law Centre is one of only a few dedicated providers of guidance and information on matters of law concerning children and young people. A child or young person can call the advice line anytime, BUT on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1 o’clock the solicitor’s are only taking calls from under 21s with questions about the law or their rights during this special hour. Under 21s can still call anytime be can call the advice line Monday – Friday from 9:30 -4:30.

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  • Education Packs – Safer Internet Day

    Date: 31st January 2018
    Category: Protection of privacy
    Author: UK Safer Internet Centre

    UK Safer Internet Centre have created free Education Packs to help schools, youth groups, charities, and police services promote Safer Internet Day, which is being held on 6th February.

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  • Position Paper - 'Information Sharing provisions: the way forward'

    Date: 2nd November 2016
    Category: Protection of privacy
    Author: Clan Childlaw

    Following the Supreme Court judgment in July which struck out the information sharing provisions of the Named Person Scheme, CLAN Childlaw has published a position paper on how Scottish Government should respond on the issue.

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  • SPICe has published briefing on Named Person judgment

    Date: 24th August 2016
    Category: Protection of privacy
    Author: Scottish Parliament

    This briefing by SPICe (the Scottish Parliament Information Centre) summarises the Named Person judgement, the parliamentary passage of the legislation and looks briefly at other Scottish Parliament legislation that has been challenged in the courts.

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  • Exploiting, Exploited: A national discussion on child sexual exploitation and radicalisation

    Date: 21st July 2015
    Category: Children in situations of exploitation, Protection of privacy, Respect for the views of the child
    Author: roshni

    On the 20th of May 2015 roshni hosted an event which brought together minority ethnic young people and policymakers to discuss child sexual exploitation and radicalisation. A briefing has been produced detailing the main themes emerging from discussions and recommendations for future work.

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  • Online Safety Workshops for Parents, Volunteers and Staff

    Date: 23rd June 2015
    Category: Children in situations of exploitation, Parental guidance, Protection of privacy
    Author: Respectme

    YouthLink Scotland is working with Respectme to support the delivery of free online safety workshops for parents, volunteers and staff within the youth work sector.

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