Exploiting, Exploited: A national discussion on child sexual exploitation and radicalisation

Date: 21st July 2015
Category: Children in situations of exploitation, Protection of privacy, Respect for the views of the child
Author: roshni

On the 20th of May 2015 roshni hosted an event which brought together minority ethnic young people and policymakers to discuss child sexual exploitation and radicalisation. A briefing has been produced detailing the main themes emerging from discussions and recommendations for future work.

The briefing concludes with several recommendations, including for the opportunity to work with colleagues across the third sector to hold similar youth engagement events on radicalisation and child sexual exploitation. roshni notes that it is essential that minority ethnic children of all ages have the chance to have their views heard by those in positions of power and the profile of events like this one provides a useful platform. Particular effort needs to be made to address radicalisation and child sexual exploitation amongst younger age groups.

The briefing also calls for a youth-led national radicalisation support line, to ensure that callers in need of assistance are able to access vital information, without having to reveal their location and personal details.