Children’s views and experiences of their participation in justice

Date: 14th August 2019
Category: Respect for the views of the child, Civil Rights and Freedoms
Author: Children and Young People's Centre for Justice


CYCJ has produced a literature review considering children’s views and experiences of their participation in justice.

The purpose of the review was to obtain key and significant themes in relation to the views and experiences of children’s participation in justice systems. It takes a broad view of justice including children as parties, witnesses, victims and offenders in both criminal and civil legal matters.

Four core themes in relation to children’s participation and engagement have been identified from the literature:

  • children tell us they want to be included in decisions which affect them and want their voices to be heard by adults
  • children tell us they want access to appropriate information to support their participation in justice
  • children tell us they need safe, private and confidential spaces to participate in environments which support their inclusion
  • children tell us their participation can be supported by positive interactions with adults

In bringing together this literature, the review highlights that participation in justice is particularly beneficial for children when the above points are satisfied.