Police Scotland launch new online webpages for young people to promote safe communication with the Police

Date: 16th November 2018
Category: Policies & procedures, Access to appropriate information
Author: Police Scotland


Police Scotland has launched a new Facebook channel designed for young people in Scotland which aims to promote children’s rights by providing young people with access to educational resources and a space to communicate with the Police.

The new platform has been created as a result of national consultations with young people that highlighted the need for improved access to information and updated platforms that could be used by young people to communicate with Police. Police Scotland embedded the findings from this consultation into their ‘Children and Young People 2016/20 – Our Approach’. As a result, the new webpages are based on requests made by young people and designed by young people for young people and aim to foster dialogue and be safe spaces where young people can “explore, question and challenge” the Police on matters that affect them.

The Children and Young People team aims to provide safety and prevention messages that will ultimately help young people make better life choices and minimise potential risks to themselves and others.

·         Visit the Youth Hub and Facebook page.

If you would like to discuss content or for any further information please contact Safer Communities Children and Young People team by email: SCD.ChildrenandYoungPeopleBusiness@scotland.pnn.police.uk.