SUII seminar series: Child-friendly resources

Date: 27th March 2017
Category: Respect for the views of the child
Author: Together

Earlier this year, Together held four different events to find out more about children's rights and to decide what needs to be done to make Scotland a better place for children.

People coming to these events learned more about the UNCRC and how to support children's rights. People who came to these events have lots of different jobs in places like children's charities, Scottish Government, schools, universities, and councils. Some children and young people also came to the events to talk to adults - and each other - about their views and opinions.


Summaries of the seminars

After each of the seminars, a summary of the event was written to describe what was said by the speakers and the other people that attended the event. These summaries will help remind people that came to the event of what was said. They will also be useful for people that didn't get the chance to come to the seminars but who want to know what was discussed.

Each summary is also available for children and young people, and these can be found below. They have been written for children aged around twelve and upwards.

The summary for the fourth seminar will be available here very soon!


Creative Project

The young people that came to the events were also involved in a Creative Project along with children from Sciennes Primary School in Edinburgh. The children worked with artists from Edinburgh to discuss their ideas about the themes that were brought up at the seminars. They then used these ideas to create a fantastic and very colourful mural. The mural is made of different images painted by the children which explain how they feel about children's rights in Scotland.

You can see pictures of the mural and also hear the children from Sciennces Primary School talk about their artwork here!


Glasgow Youth Council go to Aberdeen!

There were some young people who attended every single seminar that Together held! These young people, called Suki, Joel and Thomas, were from Glasgow Youth Council, which is an organisation that helps to make sure the voices of children and young people are heard in Glasgow. After coming to the seminars, these young people became very passionate about children's rights so they decided to take a trip to Aberdeen to meet with people from another city who are also very passionate about children's rights!

Each young person wrote a blog which talks about their trip.

Suki wrote a blog which talks about who she met with and what she did in Aberdeen. You can read her blog here!

Joel wrote a blog which talks about why children's rights should be learned about by everybody, especially children. You can read his blog here!

Thomas made a video blog about his trip which talks about what he did and includes pictures of his day. Watch his video here!