Common Core of skills, knowledge & understanding and values for the “children’s workforce” in Scotland

Date: 22nd June 2012
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, Family Environment and Alternative Care, General measures of implementation
Author: Scottish Government

The Common Core describes the skills, knowledge and understanding, and values that everyone should have if they work with children, young people and their families, whether they are paid or unpaid.

The skills, knowledge and understanding are described as "essential characteristics" and are set out in two contexts; relationships with children, young people and families and relationships between workers. They are also explicitly cross-referenced to the guiding principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The values are taken from the Getting It Right For Every Child approach.

The Common Core is based on the consensus of views from organisations who contributed to a public consultation. It was further developed by a multi-disciplinary Working Group and in workshops by workers from a diverse range of roles, organisations and parts of the children's sector.


Common Core report
You will see from the report that the Scottish Government has identified a number of self reflection/discussion questions. This idea emerged from employers and workers who wanted them to bring the document to life. By posing direct questions the Scottish Government are also giving teams the mandate to discuss areas that may not be discussed routinely in their team meetings, such as "showing each other mutual respect".


GIRFEC Knowledge Hub
Other questions may relate to an area of policy you are particularly interested in, such as working with parents or understanding issues around "attachment". You can see from the report that Scottish Government want to stimulate an online community who will discuss these issues, and more. Individuals and organisations are being directed to the new Workforce section of the GIRFEC Knowledge Hub where they can make comments or ask questions.

The number of contributions to the Hub will increase after the summer as teams have a chance to consider the Common Core questions. It will be appropriate for one person, or more, within your teams to become a member of the GIRFEC Knowledge Hub to check for any comments on issues relating to your policy area. Indeed you may find it beneficial to ask a question yourself, to get people talking about a particular workforce theme (or to highlight a consultation, etc). Please see Annex B for instructions on how to sign up to the Hub.