New resource: Children’s Rights for Change (E-learning)

Date: 8th April 2024
Category: General measures of implementation, General principles, Civil Rights and Freedoms

Using computer

This new e-learning module from YouthLink Scotland, the national agency for youth work, explores a child rights-based approach to advocating for change with young people. The module uses General Comment 26 on Children’s Rights and the Environment from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to explore making change globally, nationally and locally.

Throughout the course, learners will:

  • Explore a rights-based approach to advocacy.
  • Understand the role of youth work within the advocacy of young people's views and interests.
  • Discover various models, methods and techniques of advocacy.
  • Explore how to provide feedback on advocacy with young people.
  • Learn about the different impact of poor environment and climate change on young people.
  • Explore environmental change case studies.

The course takes approximately 1.5 hours to work through and is free to access.