Lifelong Rights for Care Experienced People: new report

Date: 13th November 2023
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care
Author: Who Cares? Scotland

house with hearts in it (graphic)

Who Cares? Scotland has just launched its lifelong campaign for Care Experienced people. Available data shows that Care Experienced people currently do not have the same life outcomes as their non Care Experienced peers. The Lifelong Rights Campaign is the commitment to change this.

Calls to Action

  1. Extra protection for Care Experienced people of all ages to access their rights.
  2. Independent relationship-based, lifelong advocacy for every Care Experienced person in Scotland.

The Lifelong Rights Campaign is calling for “the lifelong rights for ALL Care Experienced people regardless of age or when supervision orders are removed” because gaps in protection, particularly for older children and young people, have been identified in the current system due to indirect discrimination being present.

In June, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child made extensive recommendations to the UK and Scottish Government on the rights of Care Experienced children and young people including more support for Care Leavers.

Show your support for the campaign by making a pledge (found at the bottom of the campaign page) to drive forward the necessary change to support Care Experienced children.