Resources to help you respond to the Human Rights Act consultation

Date: 10th March 2022
Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms

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Our friends at Liberty have shared with us a whole bunch of resources, tip sheets, template responses and guides to assist you to respond to the Human Rights Act consultation. Many of these resources included have come from our wonderful members. We recommend this being your first port of call when planning your response!

  • Liberty - Short guide to responding to the consultation
  • BIHR - Human Rights Act Reform resources
  • Amnesty - Take part in the Human Rights Act Consultation
  • Human Rights Consortium - Human Rights Act Consultation guide to responding
  • ALLIANCE - Have your say on the Human Rights Act Reform consultation

One extra resource is Liberty’s Slack, which provides everyone with a place to ask for support and discuss relevant issues.

Do you have any resources you would like to share? If so, please send them over to