Podcast: Why domestic abuse is a child protection issue

Date: 23rd August 2021
Category: Equal protection from violence
Author: NSPCC


This episode discusses the complexities of domestic abuse and why it is a safeguarding and child protection issue.

Exposure to domestic abuse has a direct impact on children and can affect their physical health and mental wellbeing. Just because it isn’t disclosed, does not mean that a child or family that service givers and practitioners are working with isn’t experiencing it.

Listen to the episode to:

  • gain an insight into the dynamics of domestic abuse (e.g. how abusive relationships work and patterns of abusive behaviour)
  • understand the effects on children and young people, including how their experiences may be minimised and why professional curiosity is important
  • learn about how you can improve your practice around domestic abuse and reduce risks to children.

Listen to this NSPCC Learning podcast here.