Talking about costs and money at school

Date: 8th July 2021
Category: Child poverty
Author: Child Poverty Action Group


Talking about school costs and money can be challenging but doing it well helps make sure families get the financial support they need and helps children and young people realise their right to education. The Cost of the School Day project at Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland has just launched a new resource and animation designed to support school-to-home conversations about costs and money.

The Cost of the School Day project aims to improve equity for low-income children and young people by removing the financial barriers of education such as the cost of uniforms, food, stationery and trips. The project works with and supports school communities to make sure that all children can take part and be happy at school.

Using the responses collated from a recent survey from 1,800 parents and carers,  resources and an animation have been developed to help make communication about costs and money work better for everyone.

Access the resources and animations here.