Remote learning practice reports

Date: 25th March 2021
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, COVID-19

Illustration shows children learning about their rights with their teacher

The National Improvement Hub has issued an overview of practice reports to further support and improve the delivery of high-quality and effective remote learning.

The purpose of this national overview is to:

  • Learn what is working well and share this widely to celebrate success and support consistency in the quality and effectiveness of delivery of remote learning.
  • Surface the challenges and/or issues so that these can be addressed, either locally or nationally, as appropriate.
  • Identify what further assistance is required to continue to improve the delivery of remote learning so that relevant support can be provided at local and/or national level.

The overview also provides an opportunity to use evidence about the delivery of high quality, remote learning in the current context to help shape how these experiences are delivered to learners beyond Covid-19.

Click here to see reports published to date.