ME-WE Project releases manual on how to better support young carers

Date: 1st March 2021
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care

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ME-WE has published a manual aiming to contribute to the development of an environment in which young carers are able to pursue their goals and thrive, in line with their rights under the UNCRC. It aims to fill the knowledge gap and targets stakeholders from different fields to inform multidisciplinary action to address the needs of young carers.

It is estimated that 7-8% of children in Europe are young carers who juggle growing up with caring responsibilities. ME-WE has found that young carers are still largely invisible, and that this invisibility directly results in lack of support, with a negative impact on young carers’ development and a heavy toll on their education, mental health and social inclusion.

That is why the ME-WE project aims to increase awareness, by providing research-based evidence to shed light on the needs of young carers as well as on the concrete actions that can be taken to strengthen their mental health and wellbeing and to empower young carers to pursue their goals in life. However, the responsibility to turn this knowledge into concrete policies and practices lies with everyone – policymakers, direct service providers and the general public.

  • Access the manual here.