Get involved in Young Carer Action Day!

Date: 28th January 2021
Category: General measures of implementation

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Young Carer Action Day is taking place on 16th March 2021. This year’s theme is Protect Young Carers’ Futures and will highlight the incredible skills young carers have developed through being an unpaid carer – including resilience, time-management and empathy. A range of free resources are now available online to help people get involved.

In previous years, the event was called Young Carers Awareness Day but has been renamed Young Carers Action Day based on extensive feedback from young carers. The move comes as young carers emphasised they need support rather than sympathy. They need people to use the day to take action to support young carers.

Carers Trust Scotland plans to call upon Scottish Government to develop a young carers National Action Plan. This will make sure that young carers and young adult carers get the extra support they may need to realise their dreams about their education and future careers.

In addition to this, Carers Trust Scotland will ask employers to pledge their support by offering careers insight days giving young and young adult carers insights into different careers.

To show your support on Young Carers Action Day, you can download a range of resources here and promote Carer’s Trust Scotland’s media articles, blogs and videos on social media!

You can find out more about the changes to this awareness day here.