Free online course on childcare approaches for vulnerable children

Date: 9th December 2020
Category: Child poverty, Basic Health and Welfare

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The course helps build an understanding of how to care for vulnerable children. It is suitable for anyone who may come into contact with them or has an interest in this area.

The course is taught in the context of budget cuts and rising child poverty. It covers the following topics:

  • Risk and vulnerability
  • Parenting
  • Children’s growth and development
  • Meaningful relationships and attachments, and children’s security
  • Attachment, containment and child development
  • Working with vulnerable children and young people
  • The Children’s Hearings System in Scotland

The course is available now. It is run over six weeks, and is available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

  • Find more about it on CELCIS’ website here.
  • Register on FutureLearn here.