COVID-19 self-help booklets for people with learning/intellectual disabilities

Date: 9th December 2020
Category: Children with disabilities, Health and health services, COVID-19

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The booklets aim to provide people with mild to moderate learning/intellectual disabilities with an opportunity to talk about their feelings with their support network.

They are available on SCLD’s website, and have been developed by the University of Glasgow, with assistance from Lancaster University, the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick.

As explained by SCLD, COVID-19 had a disproportionate impact on people with learning disabilities, who already suffer higher rates of mental health problems. In fact, general worries caused by COVID-19 have been accompanied by restrictions to their support services and a further loss of activity and social contact.

The self-help booklets are meant to help those struggling to cope with this situation. They are accompanied by guides and can be used with the support of family members, friends, volunteers, social workers and health professionals. They have already been used as part of a national study, with encouraging results.

The following topics are covered by the series:

  • Introduction to coronavirus
  • Coping with feeling down
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Being active and staying well
  • Solving problems
  • Coping with anxiety

 Two videos on how to relax are also available.

Feedback on the resources is encouraged, and can be sent to the University of Glasgow at

  • Read more and find the booklets here.