Database – Children’s Rights & Business Atlas

Date: 18th December 2018
Category: Awareness-raising, Child rights impact assessments
Author: UNICEF


UNICEF has launched a new digital platform in partnership with the Global Child Forum which aims to help businesses assess the impacts of their work on the lives of children and provide guidance on how to integrate children’s rights into company practices and procedures.  

Children are impacted by businesses every day as consumers, community members, workers, and as dependents of workersChildren’s rights – like all human rights – are impacted by company policies, products, operations, sourcing activities and business relationships. And yet, beyond child labour and corporate social responsibility, often the wider impacts of business on children are overlooked.  

The Children’s Rights & Business Atlas is an interactive, data-driven tool which has been designed to help companies to better understand and manage their impacts on children. 

UNICEF notes that the Atlas should be considered as only one of several resources to help companies evaluate children’s rights and encourages businesses looking to take proactive steps on children’s rights to engage with children’s rights experts and stakeholders or local/national governments.