Curriculum Inclusion: LGBT Mapping Across Curriculum for Excellence

Date: 21st November 2018
Category: Education, including vocational education
Author: LGBT Youth Scotland


LGBT Youth Scotland has launched a guide which provides including LGBT voices and identities across all areas of the curriculum.

This resource is particularly timely given the Scottish Government’s recent announcement that Scotland will be the first country to have LGBTI inclusive education. As highlighted in their 2017 research, LGBT Youth Scotland has found that 52% of LGBT respondents find their educational setting to be the place they most experienced discrimination.

“The absence of references to LGBT identities in our classrooms and curriculum means that the majority of LGBT learners will attend schools where there are few, if any, positive representations of who they are. This can lead to LGBT learners and families feeling excluded, and in turn this can compromise their wellbeing and achievements.” LGBT Youth Scotland

The guide has been designed for teachers and school staff and aims to be a useful tool for including LGBT identities into their classroom activities. Whilst the resource links to specific curriculum areas, most of the ideas and activity plans can be adapted to suit other interdisciplinary learning activities.