A Toolbox for Human Rights-Based Monitoring

Date: 7th November 2018
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms, Reporting to and monitoring the UNCRC


Franciscans International has launched a Toolbox which aims to support those interested in “connecting the dots” between human rights, sustainable development and climate action. Designed for non-governmental actors at regional, national and international levels, it aims to promotes a human rights-based approach to sustainable development, poverty eradication and environmental justice by highlight the importance of “highlighting the importance of rights-based monitoring of sustainable development/climate change policies and how violations of human rights can harm or hinder the implementation of SDGs and make people more vulnerable to climate change”.

The Toolbox features a series of tools and advice aimed to support human rights advocates and civil society organisations in understanding this connection to, in turn, better inform national and international mechanisms which monitor States’ compliance with human rights obligations regarding sustainable development and climate policies.