Website – LGBT Domestic Abuse

Date: 27th June 2018
Category: Non-discrimination, Domestic Abuse


LGBT Youth Scotland has launched their new LGBT Domestic Abuse website which is designed to support professionals working with survivors of abuse.

The website has several areas that professionals may find useful, including:

  • Advice and information on LGBT people's experiences of domestic abuse, including how to recognise it in a relationship;
  • Support information for all the services that provide domestic abuse support in Scotland, broken down by gender identity;
  • Reporting information and a link to report abuse to the police;
  • Information for professionals includes information on LGBT people's experiences, the training we offer, and how to undertake the LGBT Charter;
  • Resources including LGBT inclusive domestic abuse posters, a resource for use with young people on gender-based violence, and our Stronger Together guidance on trans inclusion in single sex services;
  • A blog, which will feature articles throughout the year.

The website also has information for LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse on how they can access support.