Funding – EHRC Legal Support Project

Date: 27th February 2018
Category: Funding
Author: Equality and Human Rights Commission


The Legal Support Project that was launched by the EHRC in September 2017 has been extended to include claims relating to services and housing, as well as continuing their work in education.

The project works to support those who have experienced discrimination in these areas by offering funding for representations or providing legal advice. The EHRC aims to help organisations dealing with issues in these fields by:

  • Offering funding for front line advice and representation - by you and/or others;
  • Taking appropriate cases "in-house" to be progressed by our dedicated team of discrimination lawyers;
  • Offering funding to cover certain outlays, such as obtaining medical reports or Counsel's opinion.

Those eligible for support include organisations who have already started acting for an individual who has experienced discrimination but who cannot continue to offer assistance due to lack of funds or resources.

To request legal assistance through the project, complete this form and send it to Alternatively, call 0141 228 5951.