UNCRC Resources

Date: 17th October 2017
Category: UNCRC Optional Protocols and General Comments
Author: Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland (CYPCS)

New resources have been produced by the Commissioner's Office around children and young people's rights which are available for free.

The new resources aim to help people of all ages access the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The resources include:

  • UNCRC pocketbook which contains the full text of the UNCRC, the full text of the Optional Protocols to the UNCRC, a full list of general comments on the UNCRC, and a partial list of other international instruments that set out the human rights of children and young people
  • UNCRC fold-out poster
  • UNCRC Symbols poster which illustrates the first 42 articles of the UNCRC by symbols and summarised in simple language.

  • Find out more and order the resources here.