Youth justice system guide for children and young people

Date: 24th July 2017
Category: Access to appropriate information, Children in conflict with the law
Author: Children and Young People's Centre for Justice

Journey through Justice is an interactive online resource that will help children and young people understand the journey through the youth justice system, following being charged with an offence by the police.

The name of the resource, as well as its look and content, was devised by young people from a number of settings, working closely with CYCJ and Iriss.

Journey through Justice is a development of Youth & Criminal Justice in Scotland: The Young Person's Journey, which aims to simplify how the youth and criminal justice system works for under 18s in Scotland. This has received an update for 2017.

The CYCJ are very keen to make young people, their families and supporters aware of this valuable resource. Journey through Justice postcards will be placed in police stations, social work waiting rooms, schools and other relevant places - please let the CYCJ know if you would like them to send copies for distribution.

CYCJ will also be adding to Journey through Justice as further resources become available. If you have any feedback or links you would like to add, please contact