Under the Same Sky Toolkit

Date: 7th March 2017
Category: General principles

Under the Same Sky is an international constellation of projects exploring children's rights and the environment. The project has developed its own toolkit containing creative activities for children to explore their everyday environments.

Under the Same Sky ran an event in February at Brunton Theatre where the Children's Parliament's StreetsAhead Tranent mural team gave visitors a taste of their trip to Geneva, showed the film of their visit to the UN, and gave personal views of what the whole StreetsAhead project has meant to them.

Visitors who had not already experienced Tranent's history and the future plans that the children had explored during their StreetsAhead journey were able to have personal tours by its proud creators. The mural is now being prepared for installation outside Ross High School. Once in place, children, as they move up through the school, can follow - and be involved in - developments in the town and surrounding countryside, referring back to the local insight they gained during the project and the local people they have met.

The event also heard from Mark McDonald MSP, Minister for Childcare & Early Years, and Professor John McKendrick of Glasgow Caledonian University who gave a reminder that children are the citizens of today and should be respected as contributors to society.

Also announced at the event was the creation of the Under the Same Sky toolkit.

The video shares key messages from the six countries who took part in the constellation of projects and was compiled by young Scottish filmmakers at Media Education.