Supporting Children and Young People with Healthcare Needs in Schools: Draft Guidance

Date: 21st February 2017
Category: Education, including vocational education, Health and health services
Author: Scottish Government

This guidance has been developed in partnership with a range of key stakeholders to guide those working in and with NHS boards, education authorities and schools to support children and young people affected by health issues which require healthcare support.

Any child or young person at school in Scotland may require healthcare support or the administration of medication. Healthcare support or medication may be required for the management of short or long term conditions or in response to an emergency situation, such as an allergic reaction.

In recent years there have been a number of legislative and policy developments which provide the context for supporting children and young people with healthcare needs at school. Although this guidance is focused on the delivery of healthcare and medication provision in schools, the legislation and policy operates at strategic and operational levels across both health and education services. Delivery of these services to children and young people requires NHS boards and education authorities to plan and work in partnership.

It is recognised that this is a complex landscape and therefore this section of the guidance sets out the legal and policy frameworks which directly relate to the provision of healthcare and medication in schools.