Increasing well-being and engagement for new dads

Date: 1st November 2016
Category: Parental responsibilities
Author: Fathers Network Scotland

In 2015, Fathers Network Scotland commissioned a research project to develop and deliver a pilot series of evidence-based workshops to support first time fathers in the workplace. This report describes the workshop materials that were developed and outlines key findings from evaluations.

The workshops were developed to enhance fathers' wellbeing and therefore that of their families by focusing on:

  1. Relationship with child;
  2. Relationship with partner;
  3. Relationship with work.

Further qualitative data was gathered independently by an International Human Resource Management M.Sc. student at the University of Edinburgh Business School to explore what potential effect these workshops might have on engagement at work and this has led to recommendations for future workshops.

From this, a series of new workshops for employees has been launched. Covering relationships with partner, baby and work, the workshops help increase productivity and engagement at home and at work. They suit employers of over 500 in groups of 6-12 dads - or can be tailor-made for smaller employers as one-off events.