‘Childhood Obesity Strategy – Fundamentally Lacking in Strategy’

Date: 7th September 2016
Category: Basic Health and Welfare
Author: Nourish Scotland

The UK's Childhood Obesity Strategy was launched last week - in response, Nourish Scotland's Advocacy Manager Elli Kontorravdis has written a new blog article outlining where and why the strategy has fallen short of expectation for children in Scotland and the UK.

Nourish Scotland's blog follows a written response to CESCR's - the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - list of issues. Nourish Scotland's report reviewed the obligations of the UK Government, and the Scottish Government where the matter concerned is devolved, under Article 11 of ICESCR, specifically in relation to the right to food.

Specifically, under 'Dietary Need', Nourish Scotland highlight how the diets of typical British families now pose the greatest threat to their health and survival. They have provided a number of recommendations to tackle this growing concern.

In addition, the Concluding Observations published by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in June this year has also recently expressed concern over the high prevalence of obesity among children