‘What does the law say about part-time education?’

Date: 24th August 2016
Category: Education, including vocational education
Author: Enquire

This new blog post from Enquire, Scotland's advice service for additional support for learning, explores the child's rights to a full-time education.

Enquire sometimes hear from parents whose children are not attending school full-time and who want to know what their child's rights are to full-time education. They have therefore provided some information that parents find useful when discussing full and part-time education with their school or local authority.

UN Concluding Observations

In June 2016, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, following a UK State Party examination, released a set of recommendations, known as Concluding Observations that calls on the UK and devolved governments to take forward children's rights as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Enquire's blog resonates with the Committee's recommendation under Concluding Observation 73a) for the UK State Party to:

- Enhance its efforts to reduce the effects of the social background or disabilities of children on their achievement in school and to guarantee the right of all children to a truly inclusive education in all parts of the State party, including for newcomer children without experiences of formal education and;

- Taking note of target 4.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals, on access to quality early childhood development services, allocate sufficient human, technical and financial resources for the development and expansion of early childhood care and education, based on a comprehensive and holistic policy of early childhood development, with special attention to the children in the most vulnerable situations.