‘Under 18? Your Human Rights’ – a leaflet for young people

Date: 15th June 2016
Category: Awareness-raising

People under 18 have human rights, just like everyone else. What are these rights, and how are they protected in Scotland?

Human rights, children's rights or youth rights, they are for all children and young people - the same human rights protect you if you are under 18. Rights are protected by an international law called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The UK and therefore Scotland, like most of the countries in the world, has signed up to this law. This means that the Scottish Government must do all it can to make sure children and young people enjoy their rights.

That is what this new CYPCS leaflet aims to convey to young people. It's a useful way to help young people understand they have rights, and tell young people about the work of the Commissioner and his office.