Voting in the EU Referendum for young people 18 and over - toolkit

Date: 18th May 2016
Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms
Author: UK Government

In encouraging as many voters as possible to take part in the EU Referendum on Thursday 23rd June, the Electoral Commission has produced a toolkit resource to help voters, including young people aged 18 and over, to find more information on voting.

The Electoral Commission are calling on as many communities, networks, businesses and individuals as possible to spread the word about the need to register to vote by the 7th June. To do so, they have highlighted information on:

  • when and how they can register to vote;
  • what methods they have to cast their vote;
  • where they can find more information.

To help voters get involved in the campaign, the Electoral Commission have created additional resources and a partner guide. This toolkit involves graphics, posters, tweets and sample messages to share.

The Electoral Commission are also providing specific additional resources for overseas voters, Northern Ireland voters and also a Welsh version of this guide. These additional resources are available on the Electoral Commission's website and can be found here.