My World Outdoors – Good practice in early years

Date: 7th April 2016
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, Recreation, play and cultural activities
Author: Care Inspecorate

The Care Inspectorate's new resource shares good practice in how early years services can provide play and learning wholly or partially outdoors, as a guide for those who provide services, people who commission them, and parents of children who attend them.

This resource has been written in an environment which finds a significant and growing interest in how children and young people access the outdoors to play, learn, develop and have fun.

Inspections help to identify effective ways of using outdoor throughout Scotland in all types of care service. Where inspectors have identified particularly effective or innovative practice in outdoor play and learning, they asked some care services to describe what they were doing and why they were doing it.

Their experiences, in their own words, are presented in this resource. The Care Inspectorate believe this is an effective way of sharing good practice and that it can help to improve the overall quality of early learning and childcare across Scotland.