Caring for Vulnerable Children online course

Date: 26th April 2016
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care
Author: Centre for Excellence for Looked after Children

Places are now available for registration on CELCIS's free online course which teaches approaches involved in caring for vulnerable children.

In times of austerity and shrinking public services, the task of identifying and caring for vulnerable children has never been more challenging. This open online course helps learners to explore and develop an understanding of the approaches involved in caring for vulnerable children.

This course will help learners explore some of the issues involved in undertaking this task. It considers what we mean by risk and vulnerability, as well as how parenting is defined. It thinks about how children grow and develop and how to provide them with security through meaningful relationships and attachments.

The course starts on Monday 9 May. No special software is required and the course is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop.