Looked after and Learning: A new practical resource

Date: 16th March 2016
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, Looked after children
Author: Centre for Excellence for Looked after Children

CELCIS has published a fantastic new resource for teachers, schools, local authorities and all those involved with looked after children in their classrooms and learning environments. Schools have an enormous role to play in raising the attainment of some of Scotland's most vulnerable children.

'Looked After and Learning' highlights how to deliver a positive learning experience for every child, no matter their background.

The toolkit splits the information into seven key areas:
- commitment to designated managers
- support for teachers
- promoting resilience and attachments
- planning for education
- engagement between schools and parents and carers
- an inclusive approach
- planning for improvement

The resource will support you to be able to identify areas where you are working well, and others that perhaps need developed. CELCIS has included a self-evaluation tool to help with this.

It's been designed with you in mind, so what are you waiting for?