Young Muslims discuss their right to practise religion in new podcast

Date: 16th February 2016
Category: Non-discrimination
Author: CYPCS

The Commissioner's office has worked with Roshni to produce a podcast with young Muslims in which they talk about their rights, their religion and their experiences of how both are treated in Scotland.

In Scotland, more people are Muslims than live in East Kilbride― the religion has over 75,000 followers nationwide. Although Islam is the most common non-Christian religion in the UK, it isn't always well understood by those who don't follow it, and the rights of young Muslims aren't always respected.

In 2015, roshni - an organisation which works extensively with young Muslims - talked to Minority Ethnic Children and Young People about what they thought about their rights, and found that:

- the young Muslims they spoke to didn't know much about their rights

- the young Muslims they spoke to tended to be most passionate about Article 30 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child― which includes the right for them to practise their religion.