Police Scotland: Stop and Search Information Leaflet

Date: 6th January 2016
Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms
Author: Police Scotland

Police Scotland has published a printable version of its leaflet on stop and search, explaining what members of the public can expect, and their rights if they are stopped and searched.

In January 2014, Together raised concern that the use of stop and search by police on children is disproportionate and based on a desire to meet targets, rather than an intelligence-based assessment of risk. Together produced a letter which called on Police Scotland and its Policy Authority to review urgently the use of stop and search and any targets being set at a divisional level and that any review should involve children, young people and their communities. The letter was referred to during a debate on stop and search at the meeting of the Scottish Parliament on 2nd April 2014.

In March 2015, a new independent advisory group chaired by solicitor advocate John Scott QC was created, to examine the use of stop and search powers in Scotland.

The independent advisory group contains members from a range of key organisations including those representing human rights, children's groups and policing, and are asked to make recommendations to Scottish Ministers, including:

- Whether the permanent presumption against consensual stop and search for all ages goes far enough.
- Whether, further to that, there should be an absolute cessation of the practice.
- Any additional steps that require to be taken, including any consequent legislation or change in practice that might be necessary.
- To develop a draft Code of Practice that will underpin the use of stop and search in Scotland.

Subsequently, the stop and search guidance leaflet has been published.