Free Training: youth-led research, supporting young people to tackle sectarianism

Date: 21st July 2015
Category: Training
Author: Youthlink Scotland

Free full day training sessions will be available for youth workers who would like to know more about supporting young people to undertake research into issues that affect them and their communities.

Three one-day training sessions will take place during September 2015 which will draw on the experience of the 'Looking Forward Not Back' project and the support provided to the six youth work organisations that took part. Each of the six area based projects supported a group of young people to research and take action on sectarianism in their communities.

The training will guide participants through the steps and stages of a youth led research process, using the example of sectarianism, and will cover: how to develop a research question, research methods, data collection and analysis, how to present research findings and ethical considerations.

Participants will gain an understanding of youth-led research as an approach to issue based youth work and how to support young people to conduct research. Participants will have the opportunity to work through example sessions that could be run with young people and to explore recognition for young involved in carrying out research via the Participatory Democracy Certificate.

The training has been designed to achieve the following learning outcomes:

- Increased understanding of youth led action research

- Increased confidence about supporting young people using action research to tackle community based issues such as sectarianism.

- Increased awareness of the Participatory Democracy Certificate as a route to recognition for young researchers.

If you are interested in attending or if your organisation would be interested in hosting this training day, please get in touch with YouthLink and let them know the name of your organisation and your local authority area.

Contact: Amy Goulding, Tel: 0131 313 2488