Going to a Children’s Hearing

Date: 8th June 2015
Category: General principles
Author: Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration

SCRA has produced a new 'Going to a Children's Hearing' film. The short film is aimed at helping to prepare children and young people who are going to a Hearing for the first time.

Jennifer Orren, SCRA's Participation Officer, said: "We are committed to improving the way we communicate with children and young people. We also want to ensure that our information materials are as appealing to children and young people.

"We know it can be a daunting experience going to a Hearing and we want to ensure children and young people are as prepared as they can be.

"Our new film gives an overview of going to a Children's Hearing for the first time from a young person's point of view. Going to a Hearing can be difficult to explain, but we think we have managed to provide a snap shot of the system, giving children and young people the key points."

A British Sign Language version of the film is also available which includes subtitles.