‘Bullying: a guide for parents and carers’

Date: 10th June 2014
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
Author: Respectme

Respectme has launched a new resource which aims to give adults the practical skills and confidence to support children and young people, and to deal with bullying behaviour.

The publication looks at face to face and online bullying and provides advice with how to deal with each. The resource is clear that every situation is different and that each incident of bullying will require an individual approach. The resource is also clear that children and young people should be involved in any response to bullying and agree to actions being put in place to prevent it happening.

The resource encourages the importance of listening to children and ensuring that their views are listened to and fully taken into account, addressing each situation sensitively and effectively. This reflects Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).