LGBT young people say it’s time for T.E.A.

Date: 1st October 2013
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
Author: LGBT Youth Scotland

The LGBT National Youth Council (LGBT NYC), coordinated by LGBT Youth Scotland, has launched a campaign to ensure that transgender identities are included within Scottish Education.

The 'T.E.A.' in their 'Time For T.E.A.' campaign stands for Transgender Education Awareness, and they are calling for teachers and youth workers to talk about transgender identities and to tackle transphobic discrimination and bullying.

LGBT young people from across Scotland voted this campaign as a priority for the LGBT NYC at LGBT Youth Scotland's National Gathering in 2012. The campaign has been developed in response to the very negative experiences faced by many transgender young people in education. The Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People: Education Report shows that 76.9% of transgender respondents had experienced homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying in school with 69.2% experiencing bullying at college and 37.5% at university. As a result of this bullying, 42.3% left education.

With support from LGBT Youth Scotland and the Scottish Transgender Alliance, the LGBT NYC developed a campaign video to raise awareness of the experiences of a transgender young person during a typical school day. The video provides insight into the way that their peers react to and treat them, which includes some direct verbal abuse and some peers struggling to know how to help. Ultimately, it encourages viewers to think about the impact this has on the young person and challenges the way we view gender.

  • Access the video online here.

This video was released on the 13th September 2013 with TESS writing an exclusive on this campaign as the first Transgender Education campaign targeted at Scottish Education.

  • Read the TESS article here.

Workshops and resources developed by young people are available to download for free, in the hope that teachers, youth workers and peers will join the campaign and begin to talk openly about this topic. They have also created an eye-catching tea-themed photo pledge to start the conversation. Visit the campaign page for more information on how to get involved and download the campaign workshops.

  • Visit the campaign page here.

The UN has launched a 12-month public education campaign designed to raise awareness of homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination, and to foster respect for the human rights of LGBT people.

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