Challenge Poverty Week – Children and young people’s views

Date: 29th October 2013
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
Author: Enquire

To mark Challenge Poverty Week (13th-19th October 2013), Enquire shone a spotlight on some of the views that children and young people shared with them about how experiencing disadvantage impacts on them at school, and the support that helps.

A blog has been created which brings together some of the views that young people have shared with Enquire about how poverty issues have impacted on their school experience.

  • Access the blog here.

Challenge Poverty Week is an opportunity to help fight poverty and hardship in Scotland.

The main aims of the week were to:

  • Highlight the reality of poverty and challenge the stereotypes that exist about it.
  • Demonstrate what is being done across Scotland to address poverty.
  • Increase public support for more action to combat poverty.

In November 2012, Save the Children commissioned research titled 'Thrive at Five' which compared child development at school entry age in Scotland. The report called for the Scottish Government to further support children living in poverty in the early years.

  • Find out more about this report here.