Two new guides from Enquire

Date: 17th September 2013
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, Family Environment and Alternative Care
Author: Enquire

Enquire has released two new guides for young people who are looked after or whose learning has been interrupted, to help them understand their rights and find out more about support for learning.

Getting the most out of school can sometimes be a challenge for young people who are looked after or whose learning has been interrupted. They may be unaware that they have the right to extra support with their education if they need it. The two new guides are titled What Happens When you Can't go to School? and Extra Help at School When you are Looked After.

Also an essential tool for adults who want to support young people to do their best at school, the guides are short and easy to read, and like all Enquire's resources, have been accredited by the Plain Language Commission.

Extra Help at School When you are Looked After was created with help from young people at a Residential Unit in Dumfries and professionals at Spark of Genius and Kibble. The guide will help looked after pupils understand the kind of support they might get if they need it (such as extra time with a teacher, help with homework and exams, or learning out of school) and the rights that they have to be involved in making decisions about their learning and support and to have an advocacy worker at meetings to help them share their views. The guide also explains that they can appeal to a tribunal if they're not happy with the support they get, as well as providing information about the planning that should take place to prepare them for leaving school.

What Happens When you Can't go to School? looks at a number of reasons young people might be away from school including being too ill, anxious or depressed to go to school, being home schooled or being a young carer, refugee or traveller. Created with help from Edinburgh young carers, the Scottish Traveller Education Programme and Scottish Refugee Council, the guide will help young people understand their rights to continue their education even if they are away from school for a long time or only able to go occasionally.

You can download Enquire's guides for young people from their website or get in touch with them at to order copies.

And remember, if a young person needs extra help at school for any reason, then Enquire can help them to understand their rights. They offer lots of ways to find out about support for learning and hear from children and young people about what has helped them. Enquire's helpline advisors are also available to listen to your concerns and advise you on ways forward if you are supporting looked after young people or those whose learning has been interrupted. Call Enquire on 0845 123 2303.