How advocacy helps you get your views across - a film by young people at Kindred

Date: 17th September 2013
Category: Respect for the views of the child
Author: Enquire

Enquire has a new blog about a wonderful film about advocacy, made by some young people at Kindred.

As the young film makers explain, "an advocate helps you to prepare for important meetings and helps you to speak up. They help you to feel more confident and they make sure you are listened to".

Kindred provide advocacy and information on services available to children with additional support needs and their carers. You don't always have to have a specific question for them, as they also provide a 'listening ear'.

  • Find out more here.

The importance of independent advocacy is regularly stressed by Together's members and this is highlighted in Together's 2012 State of Children's Rights report.

  • Access the Enquire blog here.