Child-friendly leaflet on OP3 CRC now available

Date: 16th September 2013
Category: UK 1st periodic review
Author: Child Rights Connect

A child-friendly leaflet has been developed by Child Rights Connect to inform children about the new protocol to the UNCRC on a communications procedure.

Upon entry into force, this new protocol will allow children to address complaints for violation of their rights to the UNCRC committee. It can be a useful tool for children's rights organisations to raise children's awareness of their rights and to engage them and other organisations in the call for ratification of the protocol.

  • Access the child-friendly leaflet here.
  • Find out more about the optional protocol here.

Scottish Context

At the UK's examination at the Human Rights Council under the Universal Periodic Review, the UK Government was urged to ratify the new Optional Protocol. Alongside other children's rights alliances and the four Children's Commissioners across the UK, Together is also encouraging the UK and devolved governments to sign up to the Optional Protocol.

The Scottish Government has welcomed the Optional Protocol in principle and "would be minded to offer measured support for its signature and ratification in the future". However, the Scottish Government states that before doing so, "it is important to better understand exactly how the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child intends to apply the Protocol".