SCRA launches new products for children and young people

Date: 28th June 2013
Category: Basic Health and Welfare
Author: Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration

The Scottish Children's Report Administration (SCRA) has introduced two new products for children and young people: a 'Going to Court' film and a magazine called 'The Zone'.

Sometimes during the hearings process a young person may have to go court. This can happen if the young person or their parents or carers do not agree with the reasons why they are at a Hearing, (these are known as the grounds of referral) or, if the young people is not able to understand the grounds because they are complicated.

When this happens the Panel Members may ask the Reporter to send the case to a Sheriff Court so that the Sheriff (a judge) can consider the reasons and make a final decision.

SCRA have produced a short film to help young people find out more about what it is like going to court.

'The Zone' is a magazine that has been designed for children and young people as they wait to go into a Hearing. It includes articles about healthy living and knowing your rights.