Wave Trust report: The age of opportunity

Date: 21st March 2013
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, Family Environment and Alternative Care
Author: Wave Trust

Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity contains recommendations to guide both national and local decision-makers and commissioners in reducing the causes of disadvantage at the earliest and most effective point in life.

In addition, it makes specific recommendations for appropriate identification and support for vulnerable families, with particular focus on the antenatal and postnatal periods of care and contains a detailed analysis of the economic benefits of early years' intervention.

By implementing the recommendations of this report, we can transform outcomes for children by ensuring that they are emotionally and physically healthier, and importantly, that those of them at risk are identified earlier. By dramatically reducing the later consequential costs of disadvantage, this approach has the potential to radically transform society.

The report was the output of an invited response to the Government document Supporting Families in the Foundation Years and is supported by the Department of Health and Education.

Although it is an England-centred report (produced in partnership with the Department of Education and with support from the Department of Health), there is much in the narrative, evidence and recommendations that is very relevant in Scotland, too.