Research summaries of GUS Birth Cohort 2 report available

Date: 18th February 2013
Category: Basic Health and Welfare, Family Environment and Alternative Care
Author: Growing Up in Scotland study

Research summaries are available for the 'Birth Cohort 2 - results from the first year' report which was launched at the GUS annual conference in February 2013.

The report provides a detailed insight into the lives of babies and their families in Scotland.

Four research summaries are available:

  1. Parenting a 10-month-old child: attitudes, feelings, domestic organisation and activities
  2. Patterns of childcare use amongst families with 10-month-old children
  3. Infant feeding: Breastfeeding and weaning amongst mothers in Scotland
  4. Key Early Years indicators on pregnancy and birth

The GUS reports are specifically and uniquely focused in Scotland; are driven by the needs of policy, and have a particular focus on service use, awareness and contact in various key stages of childhood. For example: health, education and childcare. The reports have an intensive focus on the early years of children's lives.