The European Alliance for Families publishes three new policy briefs

Date: 15th January 2013
Category: General measures of implementation
Author: European Alliance for Families

The European Alliance for Families (EAF) has published three policy briefs on parenting support, supporting children with special educational needs and the demographic challenges to income inequality in Europe.

The policy briefing titled 'Parenting support' focuses on provision of services aimed at enhancing parenting skills and practices across European countries. Parenting support has gained attention from policymakers in Europe over the last two decades as it is seen as a potential lever to improve educational outcomes and reduce the risk of criminal behaviour. Parenting skills are also seen as drivers of reducing poverty and social exclusion.

'Supporting children with Special Educational Needs in Europe' provides an overview of existing evidence on effective diagnosis and early intervention for children with SEN in Europe; progress towards inclusive education; and efforts to support parents of children with SEN and the wider family unit.

'The Demographic challenges to income inequality in Europe' focuses on the impact that demography may have on income inequality in the 2020-2060 horizon, with a view to helping decision-makers factor demographic change into long term strategies for the reduction of inequality and poverty in Europe.

  • Access the three new policy briefings here.